Cameryn Clarke
Nov 2013 21

Cameryn went about things a little different to most of the DJ’s we have had in the SSR studio, he first travelled the world with the then up and coming zeffness that is Die Antwoord as their masked yet ever important DJ Vuilgeboost. Only to realize later that for him to carry on he needed to be playing music that he connected with and could use to express himself.

Having grown up listening to House music this didn’t take too long, and not long after found himself back at local clubs playing his music, making people dance and most importantly once again doing it all for the right reasons and nothing else.

Cameron’s personality speaks through his music, up beat, fun and dance floor orientated and SSR30 is no different. In the interview later we hear more about travelling the world, raving in the woods in his youth and how he managed to land his first big gig at Beat Bank a few years back.

It was a fun night in studio, thanks to Cam and his crew for coming and making it so.