May 2013 09
Up from Cape Town to play at Joburg’s chief Friday night jaunt, Toy Toy. Jakobsnake found some time in his manic schedule for Sound Sensible Radio.
Jake is one of those incredible talents who stops at nothing to achieve what he wants from life. Evidence to the fact, that at his young age has travelled the world as drummer of the massively successful Spoek Mathambo and Mshini Wam, was the brainchild of ground-breaking events such as Afroclap and continues to bring fresh concepts and ideas as a musician and entrepreneur. His enthusiasm and passion are plain to see in this compelling interview, that is as much amusing as it is inspiring.
Jake drops a mix full of energy and positivity, generous of dance floor treats that is sure to get those feet tapping and put a smile on any music lover’s face.
Thanks to Jake for spending the evening with us, keep doing what you do!
Brad S
May 2013 09
A DJ needing little introduction joined us in studio next for what turned out to be a truly memorable evening. Being one of Sound Sensible Radio’s most avid listeners it only made sense for Brad S to be apart of our podcast series, and so, after much deliberation we finally convinced him to breakaway from fatherhood for a short while, to come into studio and show us what he’s all about.
Knowing Brad, and the kind of standard he maintains throughout, we were all expecting something substantial, but after listening to his mix a third, fourth and fifth time it becomes evident that what he delivers is something far greater, something with real substance and thought through structure.
The interview that proceeds reveals Brad’s humble story, his love for all things music and the significant role it has played throughout his life from a very young age. How it was the driving force behind his worldly travels and how through music, lifelong friendships and families have been created.
Thank you to Brad and Nats for joining us.
Tony Lionni
May 2013 02

Tony Lionni was down in South Africa to headline Phat Jack’s hugely successful party The Warm Up. We were lucky enough to get him in the Sound Sensible Radio studio, and get to know a bit more about the man with an interview stemming back to the early eighties, covering the pre-house scene over in Manchester, the hugely influential dance crews of the time, his recent move to Barcelona and everything in between.

The hour long live recording he puts together for us is a more eclectic piece than what we have become accustom to on Sound Sensible Radio, but without doubt a welcome change as this maestro of the decks exhibits his impressive mixing skills and vast knowledge of the deeper and more soulful side of electronic music.
Whitey D’vine
Apr 2013 25

Music is the heartbeat of his soul.

Those few words sum up Whitey D’vine perfectly.  He warms up the decks with that track you forgot was your favourite; then he brings in a new sound you’ve never heard but are so drawn to, your feet and your soul are moving as one. That’s the effect Whitey D’vine has on dance floors across Johannesburg when he steps up to the booth.
His heart has always beat to a deeper sound which he found way back in high school when he started beat boxing and soon, Whitey decided to move it to the mixer which he’s dominated for almost 10 years

Whitey hits the decks at Sound Sensible Radio studio’s with nothing else but pure deepness showing why so many see him as a true class act.

Once behind the mic, he entertains us about days gone by, skateboarder weight, taking a break from Dj’ing and getting ready for fatherhood.

Metro Ticket
Apr 2013 11

Deep Town founding members, house music collectors and enthusiasts, Metro Ticket joined us at the Sound Sensible Radio studio a head of their massive second birthday event that took plat at CRU.

Getting us moving and grooving from the first beat. Respecting house and techno music, remembering the roots. Chicago, Detroit and New York City.

They then get behind the mic’s and tell us the interesting story of how it all began and how they have got to where they have in the short space of time.

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