One Track Mike
Sep 2013 12
Durban born Michael Kennedy, the man behind Make-Believe. A Cape Town based event production brand, that is responsible for the hugely successful and seemingly very fun train parties down in the Mother City, was up in the Big Smoke to promote the much anticipated Jozi version of the Make-Believe Train Party.
Giving new light to the terms, “bringing down the house” and “raising the roof “, but as he mentioned probably for the best, Mike sadly had to postpone the event to a later date the day before he joined us in studio due to health and safety issues at the venue.
Mike lays down an interesting mix that plays between the boundaries of tech-house and techno throughout, keeping an upbeat and fun tempo, breaking down to an electronic and even break beat sound toward the end.
Later in the interview, Michael shares his experiences from the London underground scene, the fact that promoting has become a bigger part of his life than Dj’ing and the Make-Believe plans for the near future, and divulges a number of exciting internationals set for our shores in the Summer months to come.
Sep 2013 12

The Sound Sensible radio crew caught up with Plaigarhythm a head of his gigs at TOY TOY and the highly anticipated ELE festival.

One half of B-Team, one third of Voice Tag and now Plaigarhythm. This multi talented Dj and producer has taken a step aside from all his other acts to focus on his solo DJ project as Plaigarhythm.  From an early age he admits to the geeky love for computers and that special groove in all music. Having studied sound engineering at cape audio college there is no denying that music runs deep with in Plaigarhythm veins.

He delivers a mix which is smooth yet up beat, taking you on a journey through the spectrum of techno. If this doesn’t get your toes tapping and up onto a dance floor, nothing much will.

Brian Blaq
Sep 2013 05

Ahead of Jozi’s most happening Deep House party at the moment, The Warm Up, we got their most recent residency addition, Brian Blaq, to join us in studio as our next guest on SSR.

One thing is for sure, our man Brian loves what he does! Evidently in the quality of everything he puts across and maybe more so due to the fact that once on the decks, he’s pretty much there to stay. For all those Deep House lovers, this is a mix you don’t want to miss, clinical in every way and with a track selection offering some of the freshest releases of the year but not forgetting a few of those classics we all know and love.

Once behind the mic, it became pretty obvious that Brian had done this before, confirmed later as he tells us how working at a campus radio station and then the Voice of Soweto radio station, along with working at local music stores paved the way for his djing career. From a young age Brian had aspirations in the music industry, sharing the dream of most young Sowetan boys to be the next big Kwaito superstar, but through some guidance found his true calling as a dj.

With a compilation mix album released earlier this year, Mechanix of House vol. 2, and the passion and attitude Brian offers we’re pretty sure that the superstar status is yet to come. Thanks to Brian for his time, what a good time it was.

Craig Shacid
Aug 2013 15
Craig Shacid,  one half of internationally acclaimed Afterlife, has been mastering his multitude of skills as a DJ, VJ and Producer for most of his life, seemingly never settling and always finding ways to improve his already impressive expertise.
Craig spent some time with us in studio taking care of SSR22 with a sophisticated Techno mix that builds with every track dropped. He starts off with a slow, groove based sound, rich in vocals slowly building to a  more progressive big room sound, driven by rolling baselines and psychedelic noises.
Craig later shares his story with us going back to his childhood dreams of being a musician, the opening and closing of Vinyl Addiction, a record store he opened with the late Brett Jackson, his experience playing at the Creamfields  Music Festival in Argentina and his continuous pursuit of adding value to life through music.
It’s always a pleasure having a guest as down to earth and passionate as Craig in studio. Once again a huge thanks for your time and contribution to the thing we love most.
Lance DeSardi
Aug 2013 01
Arriving at OR Thambo after a long flight from San Francisco, skateboard in hand and a smile second to none, we knew Lance DeSardi was going to be an interesting guest on Sound Sensible Radio.
Still gathering himself from the long flight we get straight into the interview discussing Lance’s musical background and the journey he took to get where he is today, his love hate relationship with vinyl and the various aliases and collaborations he’s loved for.
Lance finds his groove from the get go, dropping a slick smooth, low tempoed mix pushing the boundaries of deep house with interesting sounds and melodies throughout.
A massive thanks to Lance for taking the time to come into studio and share his story with us, and once again to Phat Jack for making it all possible.
Ryan sullivan
Jul 2013 25

Ryan started his Dj’ing career back in 1997 when he first noticed the profound impact music has on all people. Wanting to know more of the science and make up of music he began the process of teaching himself how.

Sixteen years later, Sound Sensible Radio got him in studio to experience just how far he has come in this time as he delivers one of our best recordings to date.

Ryan later explains what it took to get to where he is today, touching on a number of hardships and lessons that happened for him to finally achieve the success he is enjoying today in everything he is currently involved with, be it his Dj’ing career, his own productions, the parties he throws and most obviously the label he owns, Triplefire Music.

We take our hats off to Ryan for his persistence and passion, with an attitude like his the sky is the limit. Keep up the great work.

Jul 2013 11


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Some may know our next guest as Bazookaboy or possibly as the sound of SoundLanguage, either way we’re pretty sure you’ve heard or seen Hugo do his thing at some point over the years as he has been playing music for the majority of his life. Whilst up in Joburg paying his hometown an extended visit we snatched up the opportunity to get our crazy friend in studio.

Slipping through a variety of genres, from house to tech house and then techno, Hugo keeps a progressive sound throughout his mix, creating a constant rhythm and flow of high energy dance music sure to raise the pulse of any dancer.

We later find out how Hugo found his way into dance culture, what he’s been up to since moving to Cape Town and what he’s doing up in Jozi again.

Was a real pleasure having Hugo in studio with us, he still somehow manages to exude the excitement and passion of a first timer in all that he does and we love him for it.

Lex Orbit
Jul 2013 04

In this weeks show Sound Sensible Radio were happy to welcome one of our most avid and loyal listeners Lex Orbit into studio. On a visit here from Norway.

His mix is a true reflection of his love for deep, hypnotic rhythms and sounds. As he flows effortlessly through his hour or so live set all while keeping an undeniable grooving under tone

In the interview that follows we hear about Lex’s early production days, hedonistic pleasures that lead him to electronic music, chef life in Norway and what he’s up to next.

Thank you to our friend for joining us in studio, and look forward to hearing more from him in the future.  

Levi Botes
Jun 2013 27
Later in the show we catch up with Pretoria born rising talent that has been making a name for himself down in Cape Town. With a natural confidence and comfort behind the decks, Levi exhibits a well structured mix that is packed with big room techno not for the faint hearted.
Levi’s innocence emerges once behind the mic,  as he understandably began to feel the nerves creeping in. Grant and Craig quickly put them to bed, and once at ease Levi touches on his musical past and unusual source of inspiration.
It was great having some young blood on Sound Sensible Radio with a genuine passion for both production and mixing, that is possibly more importantly exuding a great attitude with a hunger for success. Thanks to Levi for stopping by and we’re sure we’ll be seeing and hearing from you in the not so distant future.
Jun 2013 27
Pierre was up from Cape Town for one or two gigs in Johannesburg before jetting off to Berlin for a few weeks of summer shenanigans to once again fly the South African flag high on the international stage.
We’re always excited to get artist’s who have been doing what they do for some time in the SSR studio, and Pierre was no exception. Showing his class he starts his mix off with some rare 45’s of Motown soul and funk grooves that any music lover will appreciate, then moving into a more disco and house selection for the second half of the mix.
In the preceding interview Pierre humbly touches on a few of his adventures over the years, from owning a record store in Cape Town to managing Ministry of Sound in Tokyo and of course his upcoming escapade over in Europe.
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