Mar 2014 13

Hlasko caught our attention after recently attending Red Bull Base Camp here in his hometown Johannesburg. This artist is not only one to watch but one of the most impressive to come through the Sound Sensible Radio studios as of yet.

SSR35 is effortlessly put together by the incredible talent that is Hlasko, resulting in a completely unique piece of music you will want to listen to over and over. Once he is sitting down with us the whole package comes together perfectly as his artistic nature comes to light, making the connection between himself, his intricate sound and the various influences that inspire it all.

Thanks to Hlasko for taking the time and even more so for showing us how it is done!

Mar 2014 06

Fresh off the back of his first release on foliage records and a recent past participant of the redbull music base camp in Johannesburg, Sound Sensible Radio caught up with Jazzuelle in this weeks show.

His mix kicks off in perfect afro style, coming together nicely midway through, with an array of house selections, keeping a solid groove through out.

The story told in the interview touches on his own label, city scope recordings being used as a form for him to push his early sounds as a young producer. The remix he has just released on foliage records and the exciting news of a 12” ep being released on the same label. Not forgetting this man also has voice that peaks at 4am.

Feb 2014 20

Next up in the SSR studio we were fortunate enough to get one of South Africa’s most esteemed artists and undoubtedly one of the more established music collectors we have come across.

Some would call Damian Armstrong, aka Offbeat a near musical genius, others would call him just that, a genius! Noted as one of our favourite in studio mixes SSR33 is something special, dedicated to his son Lucian Blake, it is obvious that Damian has put some thought into it all, the result is nothing other than pure brilliance.

Once sitting down with Damian the man’s genius truly comes to light. The way in which he is able to describe his music pays homage to this man’s knowledge and passion he has for his art. The slightly different journey to find this love for music is both humbling and inspiring as it is sincere in this must hear interview.

A massive thanks to Offbeat for taking time out of his busy schedule, this is someone we definitely hope to see back in the SSR studios sooner rather than later.

Grant Oxford
Feb 2014 13

Kicking 2014 off in true SSR fashion, we welcomed Grant Oxford, an alias of the musically inspired mind of Wesley Latimer to join us in studio.

Oxford found electronic music early on in his youth, and pretty much began learning how to produce it from the get go. Although admittedly a little cheesy at first, after some necessary guidance from friends Nick Lumb and Jimmy Chronic he began to find his sound. Taking things a bit more seriously, he later completed a music production course, culminating in his first track, A Song for Lindsay, being released in 2008 on Sleepwalker Records under his first alias Sillyboy.

Once in studio Oxford seems right at home, getting straight into his live set made up entirely of his own production. SSR32 is full of deep baselines created purely for good times and fun people, backed by intelligent structure often found in live sets. We’re pretty certain this will get those feet tapping at home.

We’ll definitely be keeping our ears close to anything coming from any of his aliases in the future as this hardworking young talent undoubtedly has a very exciting future ahead of him.

Kat La Kat
Nov 2013 28

On this weeks show we welcomed a Dj/Producer who was relatively unknown to the Sound Sensible Radio Crew, we came to here of Kat La Kat at the recent Red Bull Music Academy Base Camp held in Johannesburg.

Once behind the decks the evidence was clear as to why he was selected. The soulful and carefully selected rare grooves that Kat La Kat puts together within his mixes can only be described as masterful.

In the interview that follows Kat La Kat explains the difficulties of a young South African trying to make ends meat in the music industry and the path it has taken him on to get there. The ups and down of the Pretoria and Johannesburg deep house scene’s, as well as his plans for the near future.

There is no doubt that the future is very very bright for this young rising star.

Cameryn Clarke
Nov 2013 21

Cameryn went about things a little different to most of the DJ’s we have had in the SSR studio, he first travelled the world with the then up and coming zeffness that is Die Antwoord as their masked yet ever important DJ Vuilgeboost. Only to realize later that for him to carry on he needed to be playing music that he connected with and could use to express himself.

Having grown up listening to House music this didn’t take too long, and not long after found himself back at local clubs playing his music, making people dance and most importantly once again doing it all for the right reasons and nothing else.

Cameron’s personality speaks through his music, up beat, fun and dance floor orientated and SSR30 is no different. In the interview later we hear more about travelling the world, raving in the woods in his youth and how he managed to land his first big gig at Beat Bank a few years back.

It was a fun night in studio, thanks to Cam and his crew for coming and making it so.

Nov 2013 07

DamienBridge aka Dubboyy is one of those DJs that has taken his time to get to where he is today, someone that from a young age fell in love with electronic music and all that it brings.

Having grown up in Pietermaritzburg in the early 90’s Dubboyy first showed signs of his near obsession to music by persistently raving hard to “crappy Euro Trance” all whilst sporting the latest buffalos, mirror sunglasses and a luminous yellow whistle to boot.

Once moving up to Johannesburg and befriending some of the more influential DJs up here, he began to understand it all a bit better, seeing what influence his friends had on so many and set out to find his place within it.

Damien starts his mix with a slow, minimal almost break beat sound building it up steadily to the sound he has become known for. This man knows exactly what he is doing and the quality of the music speaks for itself.

Oct 2013 17

Its hard to shy away from the fact that D’Ritmo is one of the most sort after Dj’s in Johannesburg if not the country. Being booked by every promoter in Joburg worth mentioning, D’Ritmo guarantees quality delivery in every form when he steps behind the decks.

And the mix he delivered to Sound Sensible Radio listeners when he joined us in studio is nothing short of excellent. Superb mixing style together with an impeccable track selection of the darker side of the tech spectrum leaves you wondering, where does he find this stuff!

In the interview to follow, the explanation of his fathers amazing record collection and having Nelson as a mentor, its easy to see why D’Ritmo is where he is today and there is nothing stopping him from continuing is upward journey.

Sound Sensible Radio thanks D’Ritmo for joining us in studio and we look forward to having him back again.

2lani The Warrior
Oct 2013 10

Using the saying dynamite comes in small packages is both over used and an understatement when it come to 2lani The Warrior. It’s hard to shy away from the fact that the man is indeed a true legend when it comes to the South African house scene.

2lani joined the Sound Sensible Radio crew in studio, for a night that we won’t forget.

With his impeccable mixing abilities and track selection to boast, his mix slips you in and out of house and deep house pleasures, adding in touches of tech flair always keeping you interested and keen for more.

Behind the mic, 2lani’s passion and charisma shines through and through.

Talking to us about days playing jazz, selecting the best of the best from the sales bins and moving onto working in just about every record store he could get himself into. With his own record label, Do it now recordings coming up to their 5th birthday next year and the successful space jam events. In conjunction with bringing vinyl back to Johannesburg in the form of a new record store. There is no stopping this ‘little’ warrior.

Sound Sensible Radio can not thank 2lani enough for taking the time out to join us in studio and we leave you with this:

“We don’t sign hits, we sign classics” – 2lani The Warrior (Do it now recordings)

Rob Toca
Sep 2013 19

After a six month break from all things DJing, Rob Toca our long time friend and now family man was back up in his hometown for Deep Town’s rooftop party, People of the Deep. We got him in studio for a catch up of what he’s been up to and what we can expect from him in the future.

Rob definitely hasn’t lost his touch, delivering a mix with the quality he has been known for over the years. Deep, intelligent and sophisticated are words that best describe SSR26, but even those don’t quite cut it. This is one you have to listen to yourself to truly understand just what we’re talking about.

Once sitting down with Rob he takes us through his personal journey of music, starting at the age of 6 when learning how to play the drums. How his brother-in-law Dorio, once a well established trance DJ taught him the art of mixing. How his friend and then partner at Joint Nation Records, Rob Sloane inspired him to get into production and how he has been able to pass this very knowledge onto young minds looking to learn.

Rob then showcases two of his unreleased tracks, Into the Deep, which will be released on Just Move Records later this summer. He then plays a track not quite complete yet called Refuse, its a bomb. After the successful release of New Beginnings on Sleepwalker Records earlier this year, its evident that the tunes coming out of this man’s studio are nothing but pure class, and out of the many producers doing great things in South Africa Rob is without doubt one to look out for in the months and years ahead.

Thanks to Rob, Mike and Tim for taking the time to come in and share your stories. Through music we can change the world.
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