Mr Mon
May 2014 29

Mr. Mon takes to the decks for SSR43 with a selection of deep and dubby bass music he later coins as his ghetto side. Although making his name by playing a variation of other genres, this is where he claims his heart lies. Not too surprising when considering he hails from the deepest south of Johannesburg.

Mr. Mon’s productions have a hip hop orientated sound to them and although not being signed to any label as of yet are interesting none the less and worth a listen, available on Soundcloud. Backed by the love for his art, long standing clothing sponsorship with the Supreme Being and of course his naturally ghetto character, we have no doubt his tracks will one day see the success they deserve.

Thanks to Mr. Mon for taking his time to come into studio and show our listeners something a touch different to the norm.

Bas Amro
May 2014 22

Our next guest hails from a small town on the east side of Holland, but has been residing just down the road from Sound Sensible Radio studio’s in Newtown for almost 4 months now.

Bas Amro has been committed to his musical career from the tender age of 11, releasing his first track back in 2008 and since releasing on a number of labels across the globe including his favourite Freerange Records. He describes the sound of his own production as versatile and unique and the mix he drops for us in studio follows suit.

Expect a deep dubbed out tech mix in which Bas gets to share the music he really loves but rarely gets to play.

We later find out in the interview exactly why the move to Johannesburg took place, how much he enjoys the city the exciting work he has been doing.

Thank you to Bas for joining us in studio and we look forward to seeing him back in S.A soon.


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Ivan Turanjanin
May 2014 15

Ivan Turanjanin, a man whose life long passion has been constantly evolving and tweaked to perfection all the while keeping the singular headstrong vision of his roots – a quality and historically driven obsession with techno.

The carefully selected and pieced together musical journey he takes us on is ripe with gnarly techno gems, all while keeping the flow smooth and tangible.

Behind the mic, in an interesting and fun interview Ivan touches on his early days in Johannesburg, moving to Cape Town, his prototype parties and latter on the birth of Killer Robot. The numerous brands he is associated with all culminating to his latest adventure, Cape Town Electronic Music festival and the bright future it holds.

Sound Sensible Radio would like to thank one of our hero’s and friend for taking the time out to join us in studio.

Apr 2014 17

INXEC needs no introduction to the dance music world, having racked up releases on major labels such as Contexterrior, Crosstown Rebels, Culprit and many more. Sound Sensible Radio was lucky enough to catch up with him while he was in South Africa on tour.

The quirky yet groove infused mix he brings to studio is testament to exactly why people all over the world want to here his music.

Behind the mic he explains the advantages of living in Nottingham at a panicle time  of the Sasha era and how the right contacts and connections with some leading players in the  industry lead him on the right path.

We would like to thank Inxec for taking time out to join us in studio and look forward to meeting him again on our musical adventures.

Apr 2014 03

A long time friend of Sound Sensible joins us for this weeks episode of Sound Sensible Radio. Having followed each other for a number of years, Sound Sensible knew that quality was guaranteed when inviting this minimal purist into studio.

Hydro is one of the few Dj’s who is able to stay pure to the minimal sound, all the while keeping listeners intrigued with the perfect blend of psychedelic hypnotic twists. SSR-39 is a perfect reflection of this.

The passion Hydro projects in the conversation we have, is true testament of the hard work and love he has for music and what he does. From recording a clank on a pan to live instrument in obscure places for his up coming album the effort and love is all the same.

We look forward to the album later this year and so should you.

DJ Danger Ingozi / Data Takashi
Mar 2014 27

Dj Danger Ingozi or Data Takashi needs no introduction to the alternative side of the dance scene, having been behind numerous party brands such as The Secret, SovereignAcademy, Petting Zoo (The End Is Nigh), Shut Up I’m Dancing and most recently, his latest party & residency, Disco De Moda.

The left field bass infused sounds that Danger Ingozi is able to put together is sure to get any discerning music lover up and onto a dance floor.

On the flip side his Data Takashi mix swings 180 degrees and is packed with slowed down disco swagger.

Chatting to him in the interview we find out about his eclectic music collection, the influence beat mixing had on his direction of music and the aliases that came with that.

Mar 2014 20

Trancemicsoul, our next in studio guest interestingly enough doesn’t play trance at all, dropping a low down mix with happy melodic house sounds that push the the genre barrier here and there that’ll keep you moving throughout SSR37.

Finding his calling early on in life at the tender age of fifteen, soon after was no longer happy with playing tracks off his compilation releases, desiring only full tracks, he quickly started his vinyl collection. Finding success abroad after being head hunted by Fountain Music in Japan and then to have French DJ Rocko, who was exposed to one of his tracks at the South African Music Conference, drop it at exactly the right time and place making his dance floor lose their minds, it has placed this young talent exactly where he wants to be with the world in his hands and the drive and talent to do something with it.

We look forward to watching his career grow as we have no doubt there are big things to come.

Bruno Morphet
Mar 2014 13

It had been some time since there was a true Techno artist in the Sound Sensible Radio studio. It was seemingly well worth the wait as we welcomed Cape Tonian stalwart and good friend Bruno Morphet into studio.

After being gripped to use his infection of music all the way back in the 90’s, Bruno began his illustrious career as a dj. Having traveled the world since, playing many different genres and styles along the way and also with an insight into the beginnings of Killer Robot, one of Cape Town’s oldest running Techno nights his story is nothing but fascinating.

Bruno delivers an intelligently structured techno mix with underlying waves of positivity and a driving energy throughout that will keep you transfixed to SSR36 from the word go.

Thank you to Bruno for finally flying in from Cape Town a night early and playing us the techno we so desperately missed.

Mar 2014 13

Hlasko caught our attention after recently attending Red Bull Base Camp here in his hometown Johannesburg. This artist is not only one to watch but one of the most impressive to come through the Sound Sensible Radio studios as of yet.

SSR35 is effortlessly put together by the incredible talent that is Hlasko, resulting in a completely unique piece of music you will want to listen to over and over. Once he is sitting down with us the whole package comes together perfectly as his artistic nature comes to light, making the connection between himself, his intricate sound and the various influences that inspire it all.

Thanks to Hlasko for taking the time and even more so for showing us how it is done!

Mar 2014 06

Fresh off the back of his first release on foliage records and a recent past participant of the redbull music base camp in Johannesburg, Sound Sensible Radio caught up with Jazzuelle in this weeks show.

His mix kicks off in perfect afro style, coming together nicely midway through, with an array of house selections, keeping a solid groove through out.

The story told in the interview touches on his own label, city scope recordings being used as a form for him to push his early sounds as a young producer. The remix he has just released on foliage records and the exciting news of a 12” ep being released on the same label. Not forgetting this man also has voice that peaks at 4am.

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