Jul 2017 04

Not only emerging, but at the forefront of a new generation of electronic music artists coming out of Amsterdam. Sinfol blends classic machine funk with modern day drive, unique moods and emotions fused with energetic dance floor textures. Culminating into a well-balanced sonic experience.

We are honoured to have Sinfol join the Sound Sensible Radio podcast count. We expected nothing less than the quality delivered to us from this extremely talented Dj and producer.

Thank you Jeroen for taking the time out to curate this piece of music, we look forward to your visit to South Africa and TOYTOY.

Apr 2017 25

D_know joins us for episode 65 of our podcast series and our first podcast of the year. With a number of releases under his belt on well respected international techno labels. This young producer has quickly caught the attention of all the right people.

A short yet productive history, shows with enough passion anything is possible in a short space of time. D_know delivers a pulsating techno mix that will get the most discerning techno lovers up on their feet.

Vox Portent
Dec 2016 06

For our final show of the year we caught up with Steve Hogg aka Vox Portent. Having just released his album titled “Youth”, we wanted to get to know a little more about the humble producer from Johannesburg.

His emotional live set culminates a range of downtempo styles, and it was an honour to see him perform it live in studio. Heavily influenced by similar producers we see Vox Portent on a steady upward path to becoming one of South Africa’s better known live acts.

Jullian Gomes
Nov 2016 08

South Africa’s own deep house hero supplies us with our sixty Third podcast this week. Pretoria born Jullian Gomes needs no introduction. Having just released his first album after more than 10 years in the industry. The wait was worth it, selling out in only a few weeks.

We caught up with Jullian to hear about his journey.  A perfectly rounded mix accompanies the interview and shows exactly why the world respects such a quality artist.

Robin Would
Oct 2016 04

After the announcement dropped that Robin Would, would no longer be performing any gigs for the foreseeable future. You can imagine the excitement we at Sound Sensible Radio had when we knew we had already lined him up for our SSR62 podcast.

The timing was perfect and the stage was set. For one last showcase and informative chat with this highly talented selector and stalwart DJ.

Luigi Tozzi
Sep 2016 20

In this week’s podcast, Luigi Tozzi gears us up for TOYTOY’s fifth birthday. The young Italian producer travels to South Africa for the first time for an exclusive gig in Johannesburg.

His unique blend of ambient and atmospheric sounds, mixed with the hypnotic elements of techno, has catapulted him into the electronic music world over the past two years, and he is now considered to be a prolific player in the techno scene.

Finding a connection with the Swedish label Hypnus Records, a platform allowing him regular releases to a niche market, helped Luigi develop his sound. In doing so gave him the opportunity to join Dino Sabatini’s label, Outis Music.

Thank you to Luigi for taking the time out to supply us with this emotional musical journey.

Kyle Russouw
Sep 2016 06

For this week’s Sound Sensible Radio podcast we have a young, dynamic and highly talented DJ in the form of Kyle Russouw. A resident at ERA night club in Cape Town, as well as a firm TOYTOY favourite and regular guest. Kyle has quickly made his way up the ranks as a class act in South Africa.

His tight mixing style and impeccable track selection blends dark, atmospheric and deep electronic sounds into what can only be described as an unforgettable journey.

Forest People / Olēka
Aug 2016 23

Our good friend Forest People joins us for our Sound Sensible Radio 59th podcast episode. After being enthralled by his 21st Floor mix, hosted by F2t4, there was no way we could let this DJ slip through and not visit South Africa. A few months later, Forest People was on route to play at our CATALYST event at And Club.

His style of harder edged techno captivated both us and the dance floor, with his vision of deep and dark sounds. This Bosnian DJ and producer if not already is at the forefront of a new age of techno music in Europe and around the world.

We would like to thank Forest People for taking the time out to answer some questions for us as well as put together a great mix of Forest People and Olēka music. Read the interview below.

SSR: When or how did you first hear about dance music?

FP: I had some friends in my hometown and they were into goa trance, stuff like that. But one time they gave me a cd by Mauro Picotto and it was so pleasing to my ears. From there I started to explore all kinds of electronic music, but techno was my only true love from the start. That was 15 years ago.

SSR: What came first for you Dj’ing or producer?

FP: DJ’ing came first. Got 2 Numark turntables and a mixer from my parents. It was my 18th birthday and I was the most happier guy in the world! That was the start of my DJ carrier. It was really hard to beatmatch on those turntables but I tried really hard. Later on it was much easier to mix on Technics or Vestax. After that I started collecting more techno vinyls and playing at some bars in my country.

SSR: When you were in South Africa you told us an interesting story of how you first produced music, can you tell that story to our listeners and readers.

FP: I had a really slow and old computer so it was really hard to work with any music producing software. The only thing I had was some program for mixing tracks so it was time for MacGyver style. I was mixing and recording loops in that program then cutting them in Sound Forge and building my tracks like that. That was the start of my producing carrier and it was really painful, haha!

SSR: What software or hardware did you move onto from that?

FP: I bought a better computer but it was still too slow, so I worked in Reason for a first few years. After that came Logic Pro and now in last few months I produce only in Ableton, which I recommend to everyone! Amazing tool.

SSR: How many years of producing did it take before you could play a full DJ set with all your own music?

FP: I guess 5-6 years because you can’t play everything you make. I always tried to select most interesting and nicely produced stuff to put in the mix. But now there are plenty of releases to choose from. 

SSR: When you were in South Africa you played a DJ set consisting of all your own music. You have now started playing live sets. Do you only play live sets now?

FP: I still do DJ sets because not every promoter wants a live act and for me its more interesting to have that change from time to time. Live act is usually around 1 hour and a half and I really like to play long DJ sets. So its good to have both.

SSR: Olēka is your new alias, can you tell us your thought process behind this and what is the difference between Forest People and Olēka?

FP: Olēka is a project for my deepest and dirtiest feelings to be expressed. Its a no compromise project and I can do anything I want with it. Lots of recorded live sounds going trough all kinds of distortion and effects, my vocals, different instruments… Its a more industrial techno project with lots of experiment. Forest People is more subtle in some cases, and I can do more softer and more “commercial” tunes with it. But most of the time its a straight techno style.

SSR: What is coming up for Forest People and Olēka in the next few months?  

FP: With Forest People I am releasing a 2 track EP on Arts and also one track on my own Prbtape VA together with some young and upcoming artists from Sarajevo, Berlin and Belgrade. With Olēka I signed 3 new releases, 1 digital and 2 vinyls for some amazing labels but the are still secret.

Reezo Hassan
Feb 2015 19

Intricate percussion, delicate beats and quirky vocals combined with irresistible rhythm. Reezo Hassan delivers a sophisticated house mix as our first guest on Sound Sensible Radio for 2015.

In the interview he explains early music inspiration by family members. Travels to London and inspiring dj sets he witnessed.  The Motif brand he is involved in and the exciting times ahead.

Nov 2014 27

Johannesburg born, now residing in CT, Headphase has racked up an impressive number of gigs in the short space of time as a Dj.

Originally pulling a big influence from the UK garage sound, Headphase realises that an evolving Dj is inevitable, in order to stay ahead.

The mix he brings to Sound Sensible Radio is exactly that, a change in sound. Moving away from his original electro sound the mix is a perfect blend of tech influenced music. Ranging from deep tech to driving techno.

We look forward to what he has for us in the future.

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